Home Interior

Lavishness of Indian Interior Decor

What do you see when you come into a traditional Indian home design? lavish and exotic look of this south Asian country will directly penetrate into your senses. The play of bold yet playful color, the richness of interior accessories, and the exceptional of the curves are the differentiator ...

6 months ago Geralyn Haig


The Healthy Kitchen Design Images

The kitchen is essentially meant to be where the food is processed, to give benefit for our body with its nutritions. But how can we do that if our kitchen is not “healthy” enough to influence us to make a heathy food? Well, you don’t need to imagine too ...

6 months ago Genoveva Tyne


Kitchen Backspalsh Color Palette

The kitchen is inevitably the most important room in the house. This room serves one of the human basic needs, the meal creation. The atmosphere of kitchen thus is necessary to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible. One of the little important kitchen’s foundation elements that can make ...

6 months ago Alina Tully


Bathroom In Green Shades

Green might be one of today’s most popular colors. Apart from the global warming campaign that promotes the green color at last, the green color as the interior coloring option has already been a leading color as it gives a fresh yet relaxing ambience to any room that applies ...

6 months ago Geraldina Varian

Dining Room

Formal Dining Room Table Decorating Ideas

Having a formal dining room with a plain display will decrease the value of the elegance of the formality of the dining room concept. It’s indeed that the formality isn’t always necessary in the dining room. Furthermore, if we conduct a simple dinner with our family or our friends. ...

6 months ago Alonna Halpin

Dining Room

Formal Dining Room Coloring Ideas

One of the standard dining room concept integrated in most of today’s dining rooms is the formal dining room. Well, it’s actually not a fixed concept like the minimalist or classic dining room concept, but it will always be applied when we invite guests to have dinner in our ...

6 months ago Maible Turley


Home Flower Garden Ideas

A flower garden is an aesthetic beauty to your home. Its existence can bring a fresh nuance and beauty to your home. Flowers can always bring the beauty accent and awesome scenery. It can be a decoration for your home exterior. Thus, a flower garden design is the best ...

6 months ago Geraldina Varian


Feng Shui for Bedroom Tips

When it comes to the bedroom decorating ideas, nothing compared to a method that has continously been applied, feng shui. This colossal interior design method has increasingly become the most preferred benchmark for most of today’s homeowners to beautify and organize the layout and the decor of their home ...

6 months ago Alina Tully

Home Exterior

The Coloring of The Exterior Home Ideas

When it comes to organizing the exterior design of the house, we often find it difficult because of its large size. Especially, in integrating the paint used to make the home exterior look harmonious. Here are some tips in designing the home exterior. Wall Color Before determining the color ...

6 months ago Ida Wholley

Dining Room

Proper Height for the Dining Room Lighting

Lighting is an uncompromising fixture in all of the house parts. Its presence will not only enlighten the home, it will also give an important contribution to the atmosphere creation. However, to achieve those objectives, the lighting has also its rules. Especially, if your home interior applies a structured ...

6 months ago Geraldina Varian