Bathroom In Green Shades

Bathroom In Shades Of Green

Green might be one of today’s most popular colors. Apart from the global warming campaign that promotes the green color at last, the green color as the interior coloring option has already been a leading color as it gives a fresh yet relaxing ambience to any room that applies it. One of those rooms that has always been in the top of the list to be covered by the green color is the bathroom, and you have some unique green shades that can enliven the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Lime green

When it comes to this kind of shade, what you will find in your bathroom is a playful bright impression. Choosing lime green for your bathroom might not be quite suitable for the master bathroom as it will feel too bright. So, the child’s bathroom will be a perfect option. However, another recommendation, avoid using this shade as the dominant color in your bathrom. Balance its bright impression by inserting a neutral tone, like beige or white.

Olive green

Olive green is such a classic option for the interior. This shade has a pale and rustic look, but that’s why, this shade will give a room a gentle feel. Therefore, if it crosses on your mind that you want to make it as the dominant color shade for your bathroom, this will perfectly suit. To complement the sophistication, add metallic insertion through the use of shower, bathroom curtain rod, or faucet.

Emerald green

As the name suggests, one of the green’s subsidiries has an elegant and rich impression to a room that applies it. The emerald green has a opposite character with the lime green’s. If the lime green has a bright character, while the emerald green is a bit dark, making it a perfect option to couple with neutral tones.

Beautiful Bathroom In Green Shades Ideas

Bathroom In Shades Of Green

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Bathroom In Shades Of Green

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