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Lavishness of Indian Interior Decor

What do you see when you come into a traditional Indian home design? lavish and exotic look of this south Asian country will directly penetrate into your senses. The play of bold yet playful color, the richness of interior accessories, and the exceptional of the curves are the differentiator ...

1 month ago Geralyn Haig

Home Interior

Inexpensive Beautiful Home Landscape Ideas

Home landscaping is not just some kind of a sweetener to your house. If you’re thorough enough, this part of a house is one of the mandatory things to increase the property value (if it turns out that you want to make an investment out of your home). However, ...

2 months ago Ida Wholley

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Balinese Interior Style

Indonesia is one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos. And Bali, a god-gifted island, is one of its sophisticated islands that bring all the good things for every aspect of human’s life. In the term of the interior design, Bali has many distinctive concept spanning traditional crafts, details, furniture, ...

2 months ago Mab Hallahan

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Asian Interior Design

The Asian interior design is beautifully diversed. Homeowners are indulged by many options that has their own distinctions. For example, exotic color scheme of Indian interior design, simplicity of the Japanese design, unique accessory selection seen in the Chinese interior design to the sophistication of the Balinese design. Well, ...

2 months ago Mab Hallahan

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Tiny House Interior Ideas

If you have a tiny house or an apartment, it takes a few tips to make such a limited and narrow interior more spacious, but still functional. The following tips are for those of you who want to re-organize your tiny house interior. The built-in furniture The built-in furniture ...

2 months ago Alonna Halpin

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Designing Small Modern Minimalist House

The minimalist home design is suitable for you to apply in a small house. The minimalist design has a strong simplicity and aesthetic value, wether it is simple in the decoration and also simple in the atmosphere created. That’s why, no wonder if this relaxing interior concept has always ...

2 months ago Geralyn Haig

Home Interior

Selecting A Home Office Desk

You know that you should take the time to get the office desk that will last for a long time. You also need a table that is reasonably priced, attractive and comfortable. It would be difficult to make this decision with so many options. If you can get an ...

2 months ago Geraldina Varian

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Home Design Always Evolve

It can be tracked down to the allegedly very first home design science in the ancient Greek where the dwelling of the resident at that time was commonly composed of heavy, huge and sculptured stones, making it feel so extraordinary to be something called home. However, since the time ...

2 months ago Alina Tully

Home Interior

Selecting Minimalist Furniture Design

More and more people prefer choosing the minimalist-styled furniture with a variety of reasons. Generally, the modernization happening in various fields also influences the field of architecture. The lifestyles also tend to be simple and practical also plays its role in forming the direction of today’s interior and furniture ...

2 months ago Martin

Home Interior

Modern Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas

The Mediterranean interior design is one of the most exotic cultural interior designs in the world. It is a combination of the north African countries and France and Italy. The atmosphere created by this sophisticated design is warm and uniquely elegant. The play of colors and the texture selection ...

2 months ago Alastriona Biela
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