Five Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Top Colors For A Seriously Soothing Bedroom Five Relaxing Bedroom Colors Benjamin Moore

Colors don’t only beautify a room, but they also create its characters in the room. The soothing colors, such as blue or green, are suitable to be applied in the bedroom.
The color combination between the walls, furniture and other interior accessories should also take into account. Here are a few colors that will make you sleep so deep at night;

1. Mauve
The mauve color, as reflected from lavender and lilac, provides a good quality atmosphere in the bedroom. The relaxing effect is as soothing as the blue color, only it has no chilling effect which will make you sleep better.

2. Green
Green is the most restful color to the eyes. If applied to a bedroom, the green color creates a relaxing and enjoyable ambience. The green color also has a calming effect wif it’s used as the decor main color. This color is believed to be able to relieve stress by helping people to relax.

3. Pale pink
You might think that the use of the pink color is more suitable for little girls’ bedroom. In fact, the pink color can bring a romantic and feminine atmosphere. In order to make it more mature, consider giving a touch of the black color into the carpet or furniture. Combine the pink color with mauve or neutral colors such as beige or white.

4. Beige
Beige or other natural tones are suitable to be used to create a spacious yet relaxing or even a classic effect in the bedroom. The best thing about using natural colors in the bedroom is it creates a more quiet and calm feel which stimulate all your senses to take a rest. So as not to look too monotonous, integrate bright tones into the bedsheet, pillow and sofa upholsteries, and rugs.

Top 5 Colors For A Seriously Soothing Bedroom Best Five Relaxing Bedroom Colors

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Top Colors For A Seriously Soothing Bedroom Five Relaxing Bedroom Colors Benjamin Moore

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