Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Concepts

In addition to the kitchen set, the kitchen cabinets might be the second most important fixture in the kitchen. However, many homeowners that use it no more than to be a storage facility in the kitchen. In fact, you can explore its capability through its concepts which each of ...

7 months ago Geralyn Haig

Living Room

Kitchen Lighting Elements Ideas

The most effective lighting for the kitchen involves four layers blended together: task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. The end result: a warm and inviting environment that works with other design elements to create a practical workspace and lively entertainment area. The functionality is what people think of first ...

7 months ago Genoveva Tyne

Home Interior

Home Interior Paint Color Selection Tips

Some homeowners find it difficult when it comes to selecting home interior paint color. Though there are various tips or reviews out there, the reality is much more complicated in determining what paint color that will our home interior seem like we want. Have you also experienced this? In ...

7 months ago Maible Turley

Home Interior

Sophistication of Indian Interior Design

India is widely known as country that possesses many cultural heritage. Culinary, Fashion, Literature, Architecture, you name it. Especially for the architecture concept, India is always be on top of the list when it comes to the traditional interior design. It’s because, the visual, the curve, the decor, and ...

7 months ago Martin

Home Interior

Home Interior Dramatic Color Selection

Designing a home can be a most enjoyable experience, especially when you dare to be different from the houses around you and dare to get out of the safe zone. Not everyone is brave enough to apply bold or light color scheme in the interior of the house. If ...

7 months ago Geralyn Haig


Beautiful Front Door Design Ideas

The exterior of your house brings the first impression of the entire of your house. It will be a crucial factor to be the help create imaging in anyone else once they see your house from outside. The front door is another level where the impression of the that ...

7 months ago Alina Tully


Feng Shui Ideas for Apartment

It’s inevitable that feng shui is the oldest, most effective, and most-used interior decor design method to date. Apart from all of the beliefs surrounded this method, fengĀ  shui teaches us on how to achieve and retain theĀ  “positive energy” into our houses and keep the “negative energy” out ...

7 months ago Melva Hallinan


Colorful Children’s Bedroom Design

Each time you take your children to a playground, you must have realized, that the variety of games and the garden decoration is impecabbly colorful. Undeniably, the coloring is one of the factors that make the lives of children so fun and creative. So, why don’t you try to ...

7 months ago Alastriona Biela


The Color Selection in Bedroom

Since the bedroom is the most private area in a house, the colors applied in a bedroom are capable of carving the impression of the character of the bedroom’s owner. Choose the right colors that match your personality in order to bring the optimum comfort for you to pass ...

7 months ago Alonna Halpin


Five Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Colors don’t only beautify a room, but they also create its characters in the room. The soothing colors, such as blue or green, are suitable to be applied in the bedroom. The color combination between the walls, furniture and other interior accessories should also take into account. Here are ...

7 months ago Adali Hagan